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The Resource Center is where you will find third party research, webinars, case studies, white papers and brochures that provide greater insight in to the advantages of our solutions.

White PapersWhite Papers

Is Vertical CRM Right for Your Financial Service

This whitepaper examines how Vertical CRM evolved, examines the pros and potential pitfalls for financial services organizations, and makes a case for why it should be adopted. It also explores the advantages of NexJ Systems’ suite of CRM solutions.

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Continuous Deployment: Implications and Implementation

This whitepaper examines the origins of Continuous Deployment, its importance for developers as well as businesses, its benefits, and common pitfalls. It also explores NexJ Systems’ experience with CD and our recommended best practices.

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NexJ CRM Security Overview

NexJ offers a dynamic, flexible, extensible, and centralized security model that allows information to be shared across the enterprise according to specified visibility rules.

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NexJ Systems Integration Overview

At NexJ Systems, we understand that user adoption is key to the success of any Customer Relationship Management software implementation, and that integration improves user adoption rates. This document explains NexJ’s flexible integration options and capabilities.

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Case StudiesCase Studies

The Capital Markets Division of a Global Bank

NexJ’s client is a Global Bank who provides financial services and products to corporates, governments, and institutions. They partner with their clients to help them achieve consistent, long-term performance while delivering commercial opportunities in both developing and developed markets.

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Wells Fargo Advisors Case Study

Learn why Wells Fargo Advisors selected NexJ Systems after an extensive due diligence process comparing all the leading enterprise CRM vendors to deliver on their vision.

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Recorded WebinarsRecorded Webinars

The Wealth Management Industry’s Best Customer Management Software

Learn how the top wealth managers are leveraging the software to their competitive advantage to grow their business and deliver better customer outcomes.

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Changing the game: Transforming customer engagement in financial services

We cover approaches specific to the financial services industry, including AI and machine learning, to better understand customers in ways that makes it hard for others to compete.

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Industry Analyst ReportsIndustry Analyst Reports

Nucleus Research Study – ROI With NexJ

In this report, Nucleus discusses the advantages that a leading financial institution gained while replacing an aging Oracle Seibel system with NexJ CRM.

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CELENT Report: Ranking the CRM Technology Vendors for Wealth Management – European Market

This report examines the leading vendors in the European CRM wealth management market and provides detailed profiles of each vendor, followed by comparisons and rankings.

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