What you will learn from this White Paper

This whitepaper examines issues related to profits and competition that have a direct impact on recruitment, lists the challenges that currently exist, from a need for greater transparency to the emergence of new technologies and streamlined platforms, and discusses methods of attraction and retention that stand a higher chance of working.

It also explains how award-winning CRM solutions like NexJ Systems can help attract and retain advisors through a better understanding and tracking of data, and more efficient data migration and integration.

Topics you will find within this White Paper:

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Recruiting and Retaining the Next Generation of Advisors

There are a number of routinely published studies that highlight an inevitable shortage of trained advisors. Some peg this figure at between 100,000 and 200,000.

Issues related to Technology and Competition

How important is technology to the success of a financial services organization? There are a number of firms The Challenge Of Attracting Talent While Retaining Advisors.

Methods of Attraction and Retention

There are a number of methods that are being used by financial services organizations to make increase their own productivity while enhancing client satisfaction.