Vertical CRM: Because When Did One Size Ever Fit All?

Vertical CRM supports the customer relationship management needs of a single industry, or vertical. Its capabilities and features are targeted towards a specific set of users, job requirements, or departments within an organization.

The Language Around Cloud (And Other Things That Drive Solution Architects Crazy)

This blog takes a closer look at differences between the public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud. For more information, contact NexJ Systems Inc. today.

Data Lake Query Quality

Many organizations established, or are presently establishing data lakes as a cost effective means of provisioning operational intelligence query and analytics capabilities directly to the field personnel who need them the most, understand the data the best, and are the most capable of actioning insights gleaned.


Quantitative or Qualitative – What Are Your User Adoption Results?

By measuring qualitative results and finding out how your users are actually engaging with your software solution, you can have a more accurate picture of what your users think, and how they work. While high quantitative user adoption rates are exciting, they don’t mean much if users are only accessing the system to placate management. Doing qualitative surveys or participant observation gives you meaningful results and lets you know if your users are finding the system helpful.


Querying the Data Lake

The Apache Open Source contributions to Hadoop are numerous and cover a broad portion of a reference architecture. It has been some time since we considered foundational low cost storage and in-place query capabilities. And as we saw in the “Data Lakes” blog posting, many organizations utilized this foundational offering.

Wealth Management

Deciphering Vendor Speak, Part 2: ‘Improve the Customer Experience’

Vendors have a similar language when it comes to describing the benefits of their solutions but that doesn’t mean you’ll get the same results with every solution. Whether you’re looking for CRM, customer engagement, business process management, or a customer insights platform, it’s worth your while to ask each vendor how their solutions deliver on their promises.


NexJ CDAi at Neo4j GraphConnect New York 2017

This year, we were invited by Neo4j, one of our key development partners, to attend GraphConnect, their annual global gathering. Many new features were announced by Neo4J that we are keen to integrate into NexJ CDAi. Two are of particular interest: Graph Analytics and Scalability Improvements.

It’s All About the Customer

Last week, it was my privilege to host our 2017 Client Day here in Toronto. We were joined by senior business and IT leaders from many of our customers from across the globe, across the country, and down the street.

Digital Engagement

Omni-channel to Omni-digital: The New Normal

The omni-channel experience has been growing steadily in importance with the rise of digital engagement. There’s no question now that customers want access to their financial information conveniently and immediately.