Digital Engagement

Technology has forever changed the way buyers research, select, and interact with vendors. Digital consumers are researching vendors, advisors, services, and products and making decisions before they begin engaging with a firm. When it comes time to make a purchase, 81% of digital buyers choose to engage with vendors with a strong professional brand.

NexJ Systems offers a suite of integrated digital engagement services to help financial services firms engage intelligently with clients at any stage of the client journey. With NexJ Insights, and Grapevine6, firms can enable their client-facing employees to:

  • Build and maintain a stronger, more influential online brand with minimal effort – typically just minutes a week
  • Identify new opportunities for revenue and engage in meaningful interactions with clients at the right time
  • Deliver a superior, value-added client experience between financial interactions to drive loyalty
  • Work new leads automatically generated by published “money in motion” events

NexJ builds a unique interest graph for each client or user that reflects all the information the firm has, including demographic data, transactions and holdings, interests, and area of expertise. A sophisticated Artificial Intelligence engine matches documents to user and client profiles to deliver content uniquely tailored to each recipient. Digital engagement documents include internal documents, such as research and training documents; publicly available content, including news articles and press releases from more than 10,000 publishers; and client-purchased content.

Digital Engagement Insights


All content is filtered through an AI compliance engine to ensure the document, and any accompanying commentary from the employee, complies with financial and fiduciary regulations. Approved digital engagement content is then made available to the appropriate individual(s), channel(s), or the CRM software.

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