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As the pioneer of Intelligent Customer Management, we
can help you revolutionize your business.

NexJ Systems (TSX: NXJ), the pioneer of Intelligent Customer Management, is the trusted partner for CRM products by global financial services institutions due to their deep domain expertise, next-generation technology, strategic investment in innovation, and strong commitment to customer success.


With customers on virtually every continent, our global presence is fostered by our knowledge of regional markets and local industry trends. Equally as important, we support a global user community, with users in over 60 countries.

Based out of Toronto, Canada, our highly-experienced executive management and operations management teams are the force behind our ever-evolving strategic direction, company vision and thought leadership.

Partner with Us and Take Advantage of Our Deep Domain Expertise

Each of our 6 industry-specific products are tailored to your specific vertical to help you meet your business objectives:

  • CRM for Wealth Management helps advisors grow assets under management by forging deep client relationships
  • CRM for Private Banking helps Relationship Managers grow assets under management by solidifying client relationships
  • CRM for Commercial Banking helps bankers drive upsell and cross-sell opportunities by delivering personalized service
  • CRM for Corporate Banking helps business bankers drive upsell and cross-sell opportunities by connecting insights and sales teams across regions
  • CRM for Sales, Trading & Research helps users maximize profit and optimize capital usage
  • CRM for Insurance helps agents drive renewals and cross-sell opportunities

Meet All of Your CRM Needs through Our All-In-One Solution that is Specifically Tailored to Your Industry

Our products can meet all of your CRM needs in a single package – this includes Sales, Service and Marketing capabilities which are tuned to your specific industry.

This is why we are the pioneer of Intelligent Customer Management.


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