NexJ Systems Inc. (TSX:NXJ) is a provider of Intelligent Customer Management software for the financial services industry. NexJ’s Intelligent Customer Management suite is comprised of our award winning-products that use artificial intelligence to improve customer service and increase productivity, and cognitive applications that use machine learning to recommend the right actions to save time and make more money.

NexJ Intelligent Customer Management enables financial advisors, bankers, and relationship managers to work smarter and faster to grow assets under management and increase share of wallet. With NexJ’s Intelligent Customer Management product suite, firms can leverage immediately-available intelligence in NexJ CRM to improve the customer experience, drive productivity, increase assets under management, and capture greater share of customer wallet. Banks and wealth management firms can progressively layer on artificial intelligence using NexJ business process automation, and NexJ data preprocessing, and machine learning capabilities to generate and act on deeper customer insights.

Together, these three Intelligent Customer Management capabilities work together as a cognitive app that enables firms to truly achieve their AI and machine learning goals, whether they be to digitize and enable omnichannel service, improve the customer experience, increase user productivity, grow assets under management / increase share of wallet, or any combination of these. NexJ is the only vendor who creates this strong foundation for AI success, beginning with intelligence built into each product, enabling each product to exponentially increase the intelligence of the combined solution, and ending with continually learning decision models that recommend the right actions to grow assets under management / increase share of wallet.

NexJ was founded by an executive management team with extensive experience in the successful design and delivery of large-scale, integrated, intelligent software solutions.

Based in Toronto, NexJ has clients throughout North America, Asia Pacific and Europe. For more information about NexJ, email, or call +1 416-222-5611. Join us on LinkedIn, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube channel, like us on Facebook or hang out with us on Google+.

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