Using CRM as the Core of an Advisor Workstation

Most advisors would compare their experience of working with data to the act of juggling. They don’t have access to a consolidated view of their customers, are often saddled with tools and systems that don’t work together, and are often compelled to switch between applications while trying to service customers.

This is where an Integrated Advisor Workstation can make all the difference by offering a unified view of all customer information. NexJ’s Comprehensive Customer View provides advisors with a 360° view of their contacts, in an easy-to-view and navigable format.

This allows advisors to create a single point of truth by consolidating information across company-wide sources, which is then shared across all lines of business. Another advantage is the seamless integration between advisor tools that eliminates duplicate data entry while ensuring that context is passed between applications.

Today, more and more wealth management firms acknowledge that advisors prefer workstations with CRM at the core.

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