Improving the Advisor Experience

We were lucky enough to sit down with April Rudin, Founder and President of The Rudin Group, Aawad Aamir, Analyst with Celent, and Andrew Cant, VP of Financial Services Solutions at NexJ Systems, about what truly improves the advisor experience.

Throughout our conversation, we discussed the future of advisor efficiency, the current state of next best action, and how firms can implement tools to help advisors be at the top of their game.

This webinar, you will have access to the following recordings:

  1. What is driving the need to invest in solutions that improve the efficiency and productivity of a financial advisor?
  2. How should firms address the need for an advisor experience that optimizes performance?
  3. What are you seeing firms adopt to augment the advisors ability to manage their book of business, are there new technologies available?
  4. Why have innovative new technologies like Next Best Action not been broadly adopted?

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