CELENT Report: Ranking the CRM Vendors for Wealth Management – North American Market

NexJ was named the overall winner of the XCelent award for Functionality, Service and Client Base in the North American ranking and overall winner for Functionality and Service in the European ranking.

In the reports, author Ashley Globerman reviews key trends impacting wealth management CRM and evaluates leading vendors serving the European and North American markets. Globerman notes that, “NexJ is one of the industry leaders for its implementation and application of AI (i.e. NLG, chatbots, etc.) across its platform, as well as its digital engagement features, including NexJ Publish, NexJ Prospect, and NexJ Insights.” (Ashley Globerman, XCelent Awards 2018, Ranking the CRM Vendors For Wealth Management, An Overview of the North American Market, Celent, May 2018).

As a niche provider of CRM for wealth management, NexJ is keenly focused on addressing the needs of advisors by delivering best-in-class functionality and integrating key systems and data.

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