Capital Markets, Corporate and Commercial Banking, Wealth Management and Private Banking

The expansive scope of product lines offers more opportunity and more challenges than ever before. While enterprise account planning and cross-product partnerships promise to increase share of customer wallet, islands of data restrict the ability to collaborate across regions or lines of business. As a result, regional and product teams tend to conduct sales and service activities in isolation.

Providers need to reverse this trend to thrive in today’s market. Customer coverage teams in different lines of business or locations need to share comprehensive customer information to better understand and collaborate on opportunities.

In this webinar, Paul DeVriendt, SVP of Products from NexJ Systems, discusses how your firm can:

  • Enable all users to share a complete view of the customer in accordance with enterprise data visibility rules
  • Conduct cross-product account planning and collaborate to cross-sell into gaps
  • Enable teams throughout the bank to partner on opportunities
  • Deliver a consistent, ‘one brand’ experience to clients
  • Respect regional data residency requirements for global data sources