In today’s highly competitive insurance market, successful carriers are leveraging best practices from all industries to provide superior customer service. In particular, due to its synergies with insurance, wealth management offers best practices that can help carriers maintain deeper, more personal relationships, fostering loyalty and gaining referrals.

To better serve their customers, wealth managers focus on understanding the total value of their clients, and their specific needs, interests, and relationships. With a complete understanding of the client, every interaction is meaningful and personalized. The goal is to become a trusted advisor by discussing what matters to their customers rather than just aiming to sign on the dotted line.

In this session Bryan Sachdeva, Director of Products at NexJ Systems, shares his insights on:

  • Understanding your customers including needs and interests with a Comprehensive Customer View
  • Householding and relationship modelling to fully understand the customer’s value
  • Freeing up front-office staff so they can focus on the customer
  • Ultimately providing personalized and meaningful interactions