Multi-line insurance firms regularly receive new leads from a variety of sources. This multi-channel influx of prospects can be both rewarding and challenging. The rewards are obvious – the greater the number of leads, the greater the opportunity to drive revenues and maximize customer profitability. The challenge lies in ensuring that sales reps’ time is used effectively and that no lead is lost, overlooked, or mismanaged.

Siloed systems in each channel and line of business make it difficult to share information, distribute leads, and implement a consistent sales process. Firms must therefore centralize lead management to institutionalize best practices for loading, scoring, distributing, and working all leads, regardless of source, to maximize profitability and conversions. Firms must also implement closed-loop analytics to proactively drive the right behaviors and enable management to eliminate bottlenecks and optimize results.

Leading insurance organizations are implementing enterprise CRM solutions with robust Integrated Lead Management capabilities to drive efficiencies in the sales process, maximize lead value, and increase conversion rates. Integrated Lead Management helps firms:

  • Capture and process all leads consistently Maximize the profitability of each lead
  • Make it easy for sales reps to convert leads Drive revenue predictability

By leveraging a unique combination of technology and configurable functionality, Integrated Lead Management institutionalizes best practices that enable companies to drive sustainable growth for years to come.