Empowered by technology, insurance customers have more leverage than ever before. How do successful carriers grow their market share by engaging customers on their terms?

Today’s customers demand a higher degree of service faster, better, and cheaper. Customers can choose when, how, and for how long they want to engage with insurance carriers and are making decisions before they ever speak with an agent. What’s more, the market-driven nature of the Age of the Customer means that change is dictated less by internal planning, product, or communications cycles and more by customer, competitor, and technology adoption cycles.

In this webinar, Adam Edmonds, Vice President of Products, from NexJ Systems, in partnership with SIR, the Society of Insurance Research, discuss winning strategies to keep customers in the driver’s seat:

  1. Respond rapidly to market demand by creating an agile, scalable ecosystem
  2. Better serve and connect with your customers with a complete understanding of who they are
  3. Recognize and act quickly on opportunities such as: customers at risk, social media commentary, and new competition
  4. Allow customers to choose their interaction channel(s) by providing a unified customer experience in all