All of NexJ’s enterprise customer management solutions include NexJ Studio,  a powerful integrated development environment (IDE) that enables firms to configure and extend their solution in-house. NexJ Studio is based on model-driven engineering concepts. With NexJ Studio, designers and developers can quickly build, customize, maintain, and deploy NexJ’s highly scalable enterprise applications.

In a rapidly changing marketplace, customer management solutions must adapt quickly to support evolving business strategies. Firms need the flexibility to extend existing solutions and seamlessly incorporate new technologies and services into enterprise customer management solution.

NexJ Studio is part of the NexJ Enterprise Application Platform,  which offers the flexibility of custom-built applications while overcoming the traditional challenges facing custom solutions. One of the key competitive advantages of the NexJ Enterprise Application Platform is that it uses NexJ Studio for customizations, which is the exact same development environment used to develop the NexJ solution. Using NexJ Studio to customize and extend NexJ’s customer management solutions, firms can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Faster time to market
  • Cost-effective solution development
  • Ease of maintenance and upgrade
  • The ability to leverage specialized resources where they deliver the most value
  • A common Domain Model across integrated back office applications, which insulates the lower level complexities of the underlying platforms
  • A framework that provides and enforces methodology standards for product management, development, quality assurance, and professional services through design, build, test and deployment phases
  • The ability to seamlessly integrate specific NexJ components into existing systems and platforms

NexJ Studio’s easy-to-use graphical modeling tools result in a vast reduction in traditional coding. Solution designers and architects are freed from worrying about the underlying technological complexities of the solution, so they can design solutions that meet their unique and specific business requirements, and derive the maximum value from their existing technology investments.

NexJ Studio contains all the tools and services needed to manage development, quality assurance testing, and production activities:

  • Business objects and business logic
  • Workflows and rules
  • Screens, forms, applications, and other UI components
  • Integration interfaces and transformations
  • Database schemas and persistence mappings
  • Report authoring, execution, and distribution capabilities