The NexJ Enterprise Application Platform is a next generation,  model driven engineering framework  that reduces the time and effort required to design, configure, deploy and maintain highly scalable enterprise software solutions.

Based on model driven engineering concepts, the platform allows enterprises to model the solution’s business logic and then directly execute the same model. The platform  is comprised of three separate components:

  • NexJ Studio, an integrated development environment and graphical modeling tool for designing the solution business logic and model
  • NexJ Model Server, a highly scalable enterprise-class server that manages all the technical complexities associated with executing the solution model
  • NexJ Portal, a flexible portal technology that provides a seamless customer experience across systems and processes

Using the components of the NexJ Enterprise Application Platform, enterprises can configure a solution that meets their unique business requirements by:

  • Defining the applications through NexJ Studio. Firms can use the easy-to-use graphical modeling tools of NexJ Studio to define the solution’s business model, workflows, user interface, data sources and mapping, and integration points
  • Connecting to multiple existing data sources at source, without moving data
  • Integrating enterprise applications into a common platform for efficient data sharing across the enterprise

Customers choose the NexJ Enterprise Application Platform because it allows them to layer NexJ’s enterprise customer management solutions on top of their existing technology infrastructure without disruption, so they can take an evolutionary approach to replacing or upgrading back-office systems. With the NexJ Enterprise Application Platform, companies can deploy tightly integrated, customized, and massively scalable enterprise customer management solutions quickly and with the lowest total cost of ownership.