The hardest part of building and maintaining a social brand is finding the right content to share. NexJ Publish is a mobile digital engagement app that enables users to select and post regular, value-added content with an investment of just a few minutes per week. With NexJ Publish, users can create a strong brand through digital engagement that represents their personal and professional interests and expertise.

An AI algorithm aggregates and analyzes existing social media posts from subscribing employees and companies. Users can view a graphical summary of appropriate content tags and, at any time, add or delete tags, and change the weight of each category to fine tune the type of content delivered.

Upon log-in, users are provided with a list of suggested content. Users can preview a summary that includes the title and source of the article, click through to read the entire article immediately, or save the article for future review. Users can schedule posts on the channel of choice, including blog, website, email newsletter, or social channel, and NexJ will automatically publish them at the optimal time.

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