Timing is everything in successful prospecting. NexJ Prospect is a digital engagement service embedded in NexJ CRM. NexJ Prospect acts as a lead harvesting engine by searching publicly-available documents for new opportunities. The AI engine uses a matching algorithm to find ‘money in motion’ events, such as mergers, IPOs, executive appointment announcements, etc. It then extracts relevant information such as the names of individuals involved, company names, and geographic location.

NexJ Prospect creates a social lead card for each event that includes the extracted information and routes it to the employee with the relevant expertise or location to best work the lead. The employee can accepted or reject the lead. A profile for each accepted lead is automatically created in NexJ CRM.

NexJ provides follow-up activity options for each lead, such as connecting via social media or finding the lead’s email address. Users are also provided with historical articles about the individual and company to personalize interactions and improve digital engagement.

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