Agents, advisors and bankers use many applications in the course of their daily business. When these applications are siloed, valuable time that could be spent selling to and servicing customers is instead spent toggling between systems, searching for information, and collating widespread data.

The NexJ Integrated Desktop delivers a comprehensive, customer-centric view of front, middle, and back-office information. This information is combined with best-of-breed CRM functionality and customer-centric workflows in a flexible portal container with seamless context passing and presented to users as a single application. With an Integrated Desktop, users can quickly and effectively leverage enterprise data and applications to better understand, sell to and service their customers.

In NexJ’s experience, an Integrated Desktop sees substantially higher user adoption rates and productivity than the use of multiple systems, stand-alone CRM, or CRM with limited integration. The NexJ Integrated Desktop turns users into net receivers of information who get exponentially more information out of the system than they put into it. With NexJ, all information is readily available and toggling through systems and re-keying of data are eliminated.

Advisor Desktop