Contact center representatives typically access many different applications to handle a single customer call. This increases the duration of service calls as contact center agents spend time searching for and re-entering customer information into each system.

NexJ CRM for Contact Center provides a comprehensive customer view, as well as contact center CRM functionality such as call list management and call scripting, and workflows such as form fill and approval, all within a unified user interface. Global financial services and insurance firms use our CRM for Contact Center to improve first call resolution, improve call efficiency, enable a consistent customer experience, and turn service calls into opportunities for upsell.

Through integration with telephony systems, NexJ provides users with the complete context for each interaction, including the reason for the call or chat, a list of important interactions relevant to the caller, and suggested next steps. Call scripts are auto-populated with relevant customer information. Integrated workflows guide agents quickly through tasks, such as filling out forms, launching external applications, accessing a product library, sending communications or tasks to other users, or call transfer.

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