To stay competitive, elite international private banks and wealth management firms are focused on personalizing the advisory service that they offer to today’s high net-worth (HNW) clientele. Industry leaders are empowering their relationship managers with specialized tools to efficiently establish, maintain, and execute a tailored advisory experience quickly. NexJ’s Advisory Service solution provides the gold-standard for private banks and wealth management firms.

Features –

  • A comprehensive view of customer investment profile data and associated portfolios and accounts
  • Advisory business-specific dashboards for at-a-glance access to key information
  • Processes for guiding users through establishing and maintaining the investment profile and setting up the advisory/discretionary portfolios and accounts
  • Generation of the customer-facing advisory mandate or investment policy statement
  • Integration with portfolio management systems to highlight asset allocation gaps and concentrations
  • Client-facing web forms that enable self-service as part of a digital engagement strategy

NexJ’s solution uses interactive and guided data collection for capturing the customer’s investment profile, and includes a detailed assessment of:

  1. Goals and Needs
  2. Financial and Tax Situation
  3. Risk Tolerance and Ability
  4. Investment Knowledge, Experience, and Restrictions
  5. Investor Certification and Classification

Your firm’s investment strategy rules can be modelled into NexJ’s runtime configurable rules engine or can be accessed via integration. With integration to leading back-end custodian and portfolio management systems, portfolios can be opened in multiple booking centers to fulfill the mandate for cross-border relationships.

Using NexJ Customer Process Management, firms can go beyond just a standalone Advisory Service, and integrate all of these capabilities into a seamless Client Onboarding process including KYC, AML, and other processes for regulatory compliance.