NexJ Customer Data Management (NexJ CDM) is a system of insight designed specifically to integrate, provision, manage, aggregate, and roll up customer data from different sources into a consistent, complete, and reliable view of the customer. NexJ CDM offered firms a modern enterprise integration platform that enabled them to make better sense and use of their customer data for such initiatives as omnichannel service, customer insights, and compliance.

With NexJ CDM, firms could overcome the challenges caused by massive amounts of siloed, ever-changing, and potentially conflicting data that were not being solved by Master Data Management and Enterprise Service Buses. Unlike these options, NexJ CDM was less complex to manage, more scalable, and less expensive to maintain. It enabled firms to create a comprehensive and flexible Enterprise Customer View to share data across regions, product lines, applications, and channels.

NexJ Customer Data Analytics & Intelligence (NexJ CDAi) is the next evolution of NexJ Customer Data Management. NexJ CDAi is an analytics pre-processor that enables firms to increase the reliability and efficiency of analytics and AI initiatives, even when the data is inconsistent, siloed, unstructured, and changing continually. NexJ CDAi offers unique data integration and sharing capabilities to empower a firm’s business units to achieve specific objectives and make better decisions with analytics and machine learning. Firms can use NexJ CDAi to create an Enterprise Customer View from enterprise data sources, but can also integrate streaming data, analytics results, and results of calculations to derive better insights and power initiatives such as customer journey mapping, and customer risk and profitability analysis.

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