The Multi-Channel, Multi-Device Dilemma

Insurers are facing a monumental challenge these days. They need to serve customers their choice of channels, on the device of the customer’s choosing, and they must ensure that service is seamless and consistent in every interaction. Today, many product lines and channels continue to operate in silos, which makes consistency and cross-channel interactions difficult. This problem is compounded by the exponential rate at which channels and devices are growing and evolving.

Insurers are scrambling to support new channels (e.g., mobile, social, chat); deliver exciting tools to agents and customers to engage, inform, and sell more; and provide agents with access to the same, real-time information regardless of when and how they’re serving clients.

Many insurers are tackling this challenge by deploying channel-specific solutions to interact with customers in their channels of choice. On the face of it, this makes sense. These solutions provide some key capabilities insurers need to expand their channel support quickly and easily.