NexJ Systems Demonstrates Sub-Second Response Time and Superior Scalability for CRM

NexJ Contact for Finance delivers impressive statistics when processing workload of over 65,000 concurrent users in IBM performance lab

Toronto, September 18, 2009 — NexJ Systems Inc, a leading provider of customer-centric enterprise solutions for the financial services and insurance industries, today announced that the company has completed benchmark testing in the IBM lab, demonstrating extraordinary performance when subjected to the workload of over 65,000 concurrent online users.

The test results showed that NexJ Contact maintained sub-second response times while processing over 85,000 business transactions per hour, and maintained responsiveness up to a throughput of 250,000 transactions per hour. The benchmark testing was modeled on the most common business transactions and workflows for Financial Advisors.

The NexJ customer that sponsored this test was looking for a CRM solution that could meet their existing user demands and scale effectively to meet their projected demands for peak use and future company growth. NexJ Contact supported over twice the customer’s anticipated data/user volumes. The customer’s projected user demand is typical of the demands placed on the ‘next generation’ of CRM solutions by large financial services companies.

“These test results demonstrate NexJ Contact’s superior scalability, which is essential for large enterprise customers who want to lower their operational costs without lowering their level of customer service” said William M. Tatham, Chairman and CEO, NexJ Systems. “NexJ Contact’s unprecedented, high level of performance confirms why large financial services companies choose NexJ Contact for Finance to meet their needs today and in the future.”

The tests were conducted on 4 Dell R900 Quad processor Quad core servers running Suse Enterprise Server 10 SP 1 with 32 GB RAM, 8 Web servers, and an Oracle RAC 10g database with 50,000,000 entities (contacts and households) and over 150,000,000 activities.

About NexJ Systems Inc.

NexJ Systems Inc is a provider of innovative customer-centric enterprise solutions for financial services and insurance industries. Targeting enterprise customers with sophisticated customization, integration and scalability requirements, NexJ Systems’ enterprise platform offers powerful customer-centric solutions for financial services including an integrated advisor desktop for wealth management. Founded in 2003 by former executives of Janna Systems, NexJ Systems’ management team has a proven track record of success with a 10th generation enterprise CRM architecture that can support large-scale system deployments for financial services.

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