NexJ Recognized by Independent Research Firm for Strong Capabilities in CRM for Finance and Insurance

Evaluation reveals NexJ’s strength in supporting key customer-facing processes

Toronto, March 22, 2011 — NexJ Systems Inc., a leading provider of enterprise CRM solutions for the financial services, insurance and healthcare industries, today announced that Forrester Research, Inc. an independent research company that provides pragmatic and forward thinking advice to global leaders in business and technology, has evaluated NexJ Contact and concluded the solution has strong capabilities for key customer-facing CRM business processes for finance and insurance.

The processes evaluated were account origination, lead management distribution and management across channels, cross selling at sales and service interaction points and claims management.

The New Account Opening Wizard, which leverages existing lead and prospect information to auto complete applications, thereby eliminating data re-entry, was recognized to have strong capabilities in the ‘account origination’ process.

For the evaluation of ‘lead management distribution and management across channels’ process, Forrester assessed the Lead and Campaign Management capabilities of NexJ Contact and found it also to have strong capabilities in identifying, records and tracking leads, prospects and referrals from the client base or other resources. It also has functionality to gain insight into lead quality and campaign success.

To address the ‘cross selling at sales and service interaction points’ process, Forrester looked at NexJ Contact’s Relationship Modeling and Coverage Management and determined it have strong capabilities. Relationship Modeling integrates multiple business systems in to a customer-centric view to support cross-sell and upsell campaigns and drive quality referrals. The feature further provides predictive modeling services to develop next best action models and suggests products and services based on client profile and interaction history.

NexJ Contact further supports the ‘claims management’ process in a customer-centric way through multichannel access and integration with back-office applications. The integration involves minimal effort as migration of data is not necessary given the data can be accesses at source and the solution can be easily configured to required industry data standards, including ACORD

One of the keys to reducing claim leakage is the implementation of an efficient First Notice of Loss process. To address this, NexJ leverages its Business Process Wizard to configure a First Notice of Loss process that guides agents, call center representatives and customers through processes and business practices, capturing data, triggering workflows, assigning tasks to the appropriate parties, synchronizing data with essential back-office systems, and generating necessary forms and communications through to claims adjusters. Throughout the claims life cycle, status of the claim is automatically maintained and is always instantly available to the customer.

“We feel the research conducted by Forrester provides further evidence that NexJ has a superior CRM solution for financial services and insurance,” said Paul DeVriendt, Senior Vice President, Products, NexJ Systems Inc. “In-depth industry experience and vertical market focus are among the assets NexJ possesses that differentiates us from our competition.”

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