Drive User Adoption Rates via Our Integration-First Approach

From an integration perspective, we have extensive experience in developing and deploying interfaces between our CRM and other systems that hold customer data such as customer masters, accounts and holdings, etc. By providing cutting-edge tools and techniques equipping you to integrate all of your applications and data into a single view of the customer, we can successfully support your software usability goals.

Application Integration

Our Portal Server:

  • Provides a context-aware framework for each unique interface
  • Encapsulates your data model, business rules, security, privileges, etc., to maintain context and data persistence across users
  • Enables communication between the portlets to ensure runtime updates of all data on the user interface.

In addition, our Portal Server, which is used to build the integrated desktop, provides the framework and services that manage the layout of the portlets and orchestrates the communication between portlets. It can integrate with any number of systems and third-party applications to deliver appropriate information and functionality to each role in your firm, whether front, middle, or back-office.

Data Integration

What sets us apart from our competitors is our data integration capabilities, which allows you to understand your customers at a deeper level. We bring the data into the model via analytics, machine learning and cross-domain searches – this is the business advantage we bring to the table.

Our flexible integration and persistence capabilities allow you to access customer, account, and company data at source.

We provide you the ability to make direct API calls to external systems and support a variety of channel types and message formats to access our Intelligent Customer Management Platform. In fact, key data sources, such as customer information, can easily be mapped into our business domain model.

On top of that, our Synchronization Engine can aggregate information from disparate sources, across multiple channels and in different formats. The engine, which is connected to our business model, monitors to changes in the data, and updates all systems accordingly. From a data standardization perspective, it transforms retrieved data into the format you specify.

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