User Adoption for Financial Services CRM

Promoting User Adoption for Financial Services CRM Success

Comprehensive client knowledge is a vital component of a superior client experience. Leading financial services firms are investing in integrated intelligent customer management to deliver this knowledge to their client-facing teams. This is key in differentiating on service for a strong client experience but the success of such investments ultimately lies in the user adoption rate.

NexJ delivers highly adopted CRM to the financial services industry. Unlike generic CRM, NexJ’s intelligent CRM for financial services is tailored to the specific needs of our core markets. We provide essential CRM functionality for wealth management and private banking layered on top of robust CRM for financial services. NexJ has a proven track record of partnering with industry leaders to develop functionality that meets the client’s specific needs. If those features are deemed to be broad-market applicable, NexJ will roll that feature into the core application and make it available to all of our customers. As a result, all NexJ customers benefit from our strategic relationships with some of the largest and most successful financial services and insurance firms in the world.

In addition to financial services-specific capabilities, we believe integration of information and processes is at the core of successful investments in financial services CRM. When users work with multiple systems to do their job, CRM with limited or no integration simply increases the burden and, as a result, it tends to be poorly adopted. By contrast, NexJ’s integrated financial services CRM provides a single seamless source of all enterprise client information to drive user adoption, improve the user experience and, ultimately, enhance the client experience.

NexJ enables firms to provide users with an integrated desktop that delivers all enterprise client information in a comprehensive, client-centric view and access to all the functionality they need to do their jobs. This creates ‘net receivers of information’ – users that get exponentially more information out of the system than they put in.

In addition, we follow best practices to maximize user adoption including:

  • Early involvement with the user community to ensure the right CRM functionality is included in the integrated desktop.
  • Various mediums of training upfront and as often as needed to integrate applications into a user’s daily work flow.
  • Adequate post-deployment support to help users feel confident with their CRM system at all times, including 24/7 technical support if required.