CRM for Financial Services

Intelligent CRM for Financial Services

NexJ develops and delivers intelligent CRM for financial services to address the specific needs of financial markets including:

NexJ delivers AI-powered CRM for financial services. The world’s leading financial services firms use NexJ’s CRM for financial services to:

  • Know clients better by integrating all client information, from legacy systems to social networks
  • Share current, contextual information with all client-facing users through integrated desktops and mobile devices
  • Save time and improve service by automating best practices across the client life-cycle
  • Sell more by providing the right offer at the right time over the right channel using insight gained from client analytics
  • Be ‘one firm’ by providing a unified client experience across all lines of business and channels

NexJ’s CRM for financial services integrates client profile, interaction, and transaction information from across the enterprise to transform a transaction- or account-based view to a people-centered view.

Financial services firms use NexJ CRM as the basis of an integrated desktop that unifies multiple disparate solutions into a single application. With an integrated desktop, organizations can leverage their enterprise data and applications to orchestrate key user workflows such as client onboarding, quotes and applications, account opening, KYC, and financial planning. NexJ CRM provides the key capabilities advisors, bankers, relationship managers, contact centre agents, and support teams need to streamline their day-to-day tasks, reduce their administrative burden, and grow their business. This ease of use and access to actionable intelligence ultimately enables organizations to better sell to and service their clients, optimize one-bank initiatives, and maximize client value.