Business Process Management (BPM) Software

Business Process Management with NexJ Systems Inc.

Business Process Management (BPM) serves a critical function in financial services by enabling firms to automate workflows and rollout best practices across the organization. It is particularly effective and efficient when it is integrated with CRM software and other back-office systems, as it can automatically:

  • Pre-fill forms with existing information to eliminate manual data entry
  • Schedule follow-up tasks in CRM and prompt for action
  • Synchronize new or updated information with back-office systems to ensure everyone is working from the most current data
  • Submit completed forms through approval workflows and compliance checks
  • Save a copy of all forms, such as onboarding and KYC, with the client record in CRM for future reference

NexJ’s Intelligent Customer Management Platform includes process management services that provide Business Process Management (BPM) software capabilities to enable companies to quickly automate complex and tedious client-centric business processes. This includes integrating the processes with existing systems and data stores to increase efficiency and productivity, improve the client experience, and reduce operational costs.


NexJ’s Process Management Services are powered by SmartForms and Workflows, which enable effective and efficient Business Process Management (BPM) through the following features:

  • Rapid, run-time business configuration of processes such as onboarding, account opening, KYC, AML, and more
  • Seamless integration to CRM and existing systems
  • Guided data entry in dynamic, rule-driven forms
  • Rule-driven approval routing and actions
  • Cross-device business processes

Companies must be able to build and update business processes with minimal overhead and dependency on IT as the business, market, industry, and regulatory environment evolve. NexJ has run-time configurability that allows business-side system administrators to create, manage, and maintain data entry and approval processes.

By exposing CRM and other system Data Models for Business Process Management (BPM), administrators are creating fully integrated data entry forms at run-time. With NexJ:

  • The latest data is automatically pulled in from CRM and other integrated data stores at the start of the process
  • The time and risk associated with manual re-entry of data into the business process is avoided
  • Additional integrations can be invoked during business processes to dynamically process or retrieve data based on input
  • Once approved, data is synchronized back to mapped Data Models and marshalled back to CRM and integrated data stores
  • Developed integrations can be used to create new accounts, contacts, and other objects as required
  • Firms can automate end result processing using data entry inputs to minimize the time and risk of manual action