On-Premise Deployment

Why Most Financial Services Firms are Opting for Our On-Premise Deployment Option

Data protection, customer data in particular, is a primary concern for financial services institutions the world over. That is why they commonly choose the on-premise deployment option. In fact, in select regions, which have stringent privacy and data requirements, it still remains the most popular choice.

While most CRM providers offer their product in the public cloud, few offer on-premise options, which, by design, eliminate key data concerns, such as the co-mingling of data (with that of other firms) and data residency regulations.

Let’s take a closer look.


On-Premise Deployment | Key Business Advantages

The primary reasons to go the on-premise route are to:

  1. Retain the complete ownership of your customer’s data
  2. Lessen the dependency or vulnerability to external connectivity issues
  3. Leverage existing IT infrastructure and resources (including staff)


What Makes Us a Leader in On-Premise CRM Solutions

With our on-premise deployment option, you can license our software and manage the software implementation yourself. From a hosting perspective, your data can be hosted in either your data center, your office(s), or in an outsourced data centre. In all cases, our customers are provided a secure solution where they maintain full ownership of their own data.

By delivering a truly integrated CRM application that delivers on the real-time data requirements of enterprise firms, we ensure a better user experience, high user adoption and a significantly lower total cost of ownership.

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