Data Bridge

Leverage Our Powerful Data Processing Capabilities to Help Improve Performance and Resiliency

Designed to provide Relationship Managers with robust data processing capabilities to help create specific data views, our data bridge functionality combines real-time data packaging and delivery from our CRM to your systems. These include views for individual data warehouses, reporting systems, and back-office compliance and archiving solutions.

Our Data Bridge capability is:

  • Resilient – as it automatically adapts to changes with each upgrade in the CRM data schema.
  • Configurable and customizable – as new fields that are added are automatically available for extraction.
  • Comparatively cheaper to operate as it doesn’t have the maintenance costs of ETL routines.


The Value that Our Data Bridge Feature Can Provide You

Improve insights and effectiveness of business users through real-time delivery of critical client information

Improve performance and resiliency of CRM by offloading data extract processes from the operational CRM system

Reduce cost of implementation by simplifying the creation and maintenance of data streams from CRM with:

  • A pre-built, intuitive export data model covering all information in the core CRM system
  • A simplified user interface to configure data streams avoiding the need to build and maintain custom ETL packages
  • Adapters that support IBM MQ , Apache Kafka, RDBMS, and flat files and will be extended to include other industry-standard adapters in the future

Reduce upgrade costs with the automatic addition of new CRM fields as the core CRM data model evolves

Improve operational monitoring of all export processes including:

  • A full log of all data extract processes including activity, performance, and error conditions to show trends over time
  • UI-based error browser to provide improved root cause analysis when exceptions occur

And that’s just the beginning!

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