Standardize and Automate Processes through Our Workflows

Designed to guide bankers through the data capture process, our dynamic SmartForms provide fields and forms to align with the data captured. For ease of use, all forms are pre-populated. As new data is captured, it is saved to the back-office data sources. Once completed, forms are validated, then routed to one or more approvers, as per on the information in the forms.

Our SmartForms and workflows can be configured at run-time and seamlessly rolled out to bankers to share best practices across regions and branches. These will allow you to standardize and automate processes such as Know Your Customer (KYC), client onboarding, and account maintenance – all while driving efficiency and ensuring compliance.

Our robust Activity Management functionality provides you the ability to automate and standardize business processes using Activity Plans. These are collections of tasks and scheduled items that are automatically sequenced and assigned to the appropriate individuals or user roles based on coverage team assignment to accomplish a specific business objective or workflow. Activity Planning automates business processes across regions, branches, and bankers to improve resource allocation and standardize the customer experience.

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