Drive Data Security through Our Industry-Recognized Rules-Based Model

Based on visibility rules, our dynamic, flexible, and centralized security model will allow you to share information without worry. Our security model allows information to be shared across your organization according to flexible visibility rules. These rules, which comply with industry regulations, provide integration to existing entitlement systems that capture your client’s preferences. In addition, our security model will provide you with the flexibility to meet any security requirement throughout your organization.

These security features will allow you to customize data permissions through rules – these can be based on user roles, user attributes, data attribution, legal entities, geographical location or external sources. While each component can have unique security rules, we can meet your exact requirements.

Key components of our security model are:

  1. Integrated User Authentication: This identifies and validates which users have been granted access to the platform. Our software authenticates against a user registry that has been established – either done internally or via an external enterprise user registry.
  2. Data Visibility: This is essentially the user permissions and the rules around which data they can view. Our robust data security capabilities are dynamic and rules-based.
  3. Functional Entitlements: These determine what a user can do in the system. Functional entitlements include security settings such as user roles, groups, and privileges. Users are granted privileges that allow or deny access to functionality, broad data actions, or specific attributes, screens, tabs, controls, or fields.
  4. Encryption: Is the act of securing data both at rest, and in transit. By using industry-standard JDBC libraries to connect to database servers, we can leverage information security processes provided by these assets to comply with FISMA and other standards.
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