Deployment Options

3 Flexible Deployment Options to Cater to Your Needs

Our flexible deployment options, specifically, on-premise, hybrid private cloud, and private cloud can be tailored to your meet your specific needs.

  • On-Premise Deployment: With this option, you can license NexJ software and manage the software implementation. From a hosting perspective, your data is hosted on your data center.
  • Hybrid Deployment: To allow data exchange between integrated components, this option involves connecting a Virtual Private Network (VPN) between your internal network and the off-premise data centre. For example, it that allows you to keep custom data behind the firewall but business processing in the cloud. Data is hosted both at your datacenter as well as our server.
  • Private Cloud Deployment: Our secure private cloud option delivers custom deployment and integration, even with disparate data sources. You can keep your data at source, all while leveraging the advantages of a cloud environment.

We Offer You the Option of Migrating Between Deployment Options

Recognizing that your business needs and resources can change, we offer you the option of migrating from an on-premise deployment to a private cloud deployment.

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