CRM for Commercial Banking

Take Advantage of Our Award-Winning CRM Product Designed for Commercial Banking

Take Advantage of Our Award-Winning CRM Designed for Commercial Banking

Our Intelligent Customer Management solution leverages the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics to help you strengthen trusted relationships, drive upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and deliver personalized service. By delivering a truly integrated CRM product that delivers on the real-time data requirements of each firm, we provide a superior user experience, drive high user adoption rates and lowers the total cost of ownership.

Leverage Our CRM for Commercial Banking to Meet Your Key Business Objectives

Our CRM is designed to address your key business challenges and drive your business forward. Through our cutting edge, digital technology, we help attract new customers, reduce churn, modernize the sales and service model and help you meet regulatory requirements.

On top of delivering the superior performance, and usability associated with first generation cloud computing, our CRM for Commercial Banking product was built to have deeper banking specific functionality and superior integration capabilities than other CRM options.

The Benefits

Our CRM is designed to address your key business challenges and
drive your business forward.
Identify and drive up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
Drive revenue predictability and optimize processes
Speed up time-to-revenue by streamlining onboarding from data entry to approval
Increase customer loyalty
Offer the best recommendations via the right channel at the right time
Demonstrate regulatory compliance
Grow high performing bankers


Powered by artificial intelligence, our CRM capabilities equip bankers to meet their business needs.

Comprehensive Customer View
Spend Less Time Toggling and More Time Servicing Customers

Built to consolidate all key information across your firm, our Comprehensive Customer View equips your bankers with the most informative, insightful and up-to-date information.

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Client Relationship Modelling
Improve Data Analysis and Segmentation through Our Client Relationship Modelling Functionality

Developed to help bankers profile and segment data, on top of analyzing customer interactions and relationships, our Client Relationship Modelling feature equips bankers to make intelligent data-driven decisions. This way, they can identify spheres of influence, generate new opportunities, and calculate total customer value.

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Guided Account Planning
Streamline the Client Account Planning Processes to Put Focus on Client Satisfaction

Aimed at providing bankers additional bandwidth to better service their clients, our Guided Account Planning feature standardizes account review and planning processes using Activity Plans - a set of tasks and scheduled items assigned to appropriate users. In addition, it provides a guided form-fill process that takes bankers through questions they need to ask their clients in real-time to support planning activities.

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Opportunity & Pipeline Management
Drive Efficiency and Collaboration through Our Opportunity and Pipeline Management Feature

Developed to automate and enhance the sales cycle, our Opportunity and Pipeline Management feature leverages business rules to assign a sales team to an an appropriate opportunity, standardizes sales activities using templates, and automates sales processes using activity plans and workflows.

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Call Reporting
Drive Efficiency via Robust Call Reporting and Interaction Journals

Designed to increase efficiency, our Call Reporting feature allows bankers to log call to their client’s Interaction Journal within CRM for Commercial Banking. This process can either be automated through templates or through a workflow, or done manually. On top of that, this functionality documents call-related notes and distributes them to the appropriate users.

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News and Research Recommendations
Provide Insights to Improve Your Client’s Buying Journey

Designed to provide bankers with opportunities for interactions to promote retention and advocacy, our News and Research Recommendations feature is a built-in digital engagement service. It pulls relevant digital content from more than 15,000 third party publishers and matches them to the interests and profiles of specific clients.

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Our Technology

Designed to help our capabilities run at full capacity, our key technology components
help drive our CRM forward.

Deployment Options

Flexible Deployment Options to Cater to Your Needs

We provide you 3 flexible deployment options to accommodate to your firm’s business needs: on-premise, hybrid and private cloud. We will also provide you a secure solution with full ownership of your data. Our point of differentiation is that your data is never co-mingled with that of other customers.

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Drive User Adoption Rates via Our Integration-First Approach

With our focus on integration and the customer experience, our CRM for Commerical Banking product addresses the challenges around processing large volumes of data from existing systems by providing bankers a consolidated, easy-to-use interface. This, in turn, drives adoption rates.

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Standardize and Automate Processes through Our Workflows

Our rules-based SmartForms, workflows and activity plans are designed to standardize and automate scheduled and ad hoc tasks. Not only do these reduce risk levels resulting from human error, they enable bankers to focus on revenue-generating activities.

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Rules Engine

Drive Accuracy and Efficiency with Our Rules Engine

Our rules engine, designed to enforce business rules company-wide, can be defined at any layer of the platform. At run-time, events, UI navigation, or business model updates, can set these rules to motion. Rules can be configured for our key capabilities and features, including: alerts & notifications, workflows, coverage, categories & custom fields, NexJ Nudge™️ and data validation.

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Drive Security through Our Industry-Recognized Rules-Based Model

Based on visibility rules, our dynamic, flexible, and centralized security model allows bankers to share information without worry. Founded on industry-wide standards, it allows us to directly map to existing security models and leverage existing entitlements models. Security rules are enforced by our main server and are centrally defined in the Business Domain Model. This way, they are applied across the board, regardless of your UI or access method.

Key components of our security model are: integrated user authentication, data visibility, functional entitlements and encryption.

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Run Your Team with Confidence Knowing that You’re Meeting Fiduciary and Regulatory Requirements

Designed to address the constantly-changing regulatory environment, organizations are under increased pressure to comply with fiduciary and regulatory requirements. That’s where our extensive experience working with leading global financial institutions comes in. Not only do we specialize in helping firms meet their regulatory obligations, we integrate with local and regional policies and standards.

We also provide data virtualization capabilities that you can use to satisfy complex in-country and cross-border data residency requirements across multiple jurisdictions.

We can help you comply with industry and government standards and privacy regulations through key features: data virtualization, security, business rules, Smartforms & workflows, reporting and auditing.

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