Webinar: How can AI help you increase share of wallet?

Banks are in a bind. Financial services are increasingly commoditized, yet banks are under more pressure than ever to differentiate and drive revenues. Leading corporate and commercial banks are solving the dilemma by looking within the existing client base for more opportunities. And, for many, technology is driving that initiative. With the right technology, banks can:

  • Identify new opportunities by better understanding customer needs across the enterprise
  • Leverage Artificial Intelligence to better segment the customer base, identify opportunities using shared client attributes, and improve account planning
  • Drive cross-sell by providing bankers with timely, intelligent insights into the client’s business
  • Promote collaboration by bringing the right people into opportunities at the right time
  • Increase referral-based business by delivering top-tier service and pricing based on the totality of the customer’s relationship with the bank

Join Darryn Noble, VP of Sales Consulting at NexJ Systems, to learn how intelligent CRM can help you deepen client relationships and increase share of wallet.

Webinar Registration

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

Toronto – 9:00 PM EST


Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

Toronto – 10:00 AM EST


Webinar Speaker

Darryn Noble

Darryn Noble

VP, Sales Consulting, NexJ Systems

As VP of Sales Consulting at NexJ Systems, Darryn leads a team of solution specialists to engage with prospects to define and deliver enterprise software solutions. Working with key stakeholders in leading financial services firms enables Darryn to keep a finger on the pulse of corporate and commercial banking, global markets, insurance, wealth management, and private banking.

Darryn is eager to share his views and engage with readers on the key issues, trends, and solutions that are occurring in financial services industry.

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