Webinar – Changing the game: Transforming customer engagement in financial services

This webinar delves into the opportunities that come from domain expertise that industry-specific solutions deliver. In addition, we look at the ways that companies can develop differentiated services to build stronger relationships with their clients. We cover approaches specific to the financial services industry, including AI and machine learning, to better understand customers in ways that makes it hard for others to compete.

This 1-hour webinar will give attendees insights to:

  • What are the challenges that financial services organization face today?
  • What does ‘holistic view of the customer’ mean? (ecosystem)
  • How does customer engagement and loyalty play a role?
  • Does domain expertise in the financial services industry benefit CRM?
  • CRM is not new. What is the value from an industry-specific CRM solution?
  • How are regulatory/ compliance and KYC issues addressed?
  • Is integration with other systems/ data sources a key issue?
  • How does Machine Learning and AI fit in?

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