The Wealth Management Industry’s Best Customer Management Software

Being the best in wealth management requires advisors to deliver highly-personalized, relevant, and effective financial advice to ensure clients meet their financial goals. With an emphasis on fee-based service, digital experiences, and new regulations, providing such personalized advice is no easy task. The best advisors know that successfully leveraging the right investments in wealth management-specific technology is fundamental to their winning strategy. No matter the business model, customers are at the heart of it; so investment in the right customer management software is a make-or-break decision in that strategy.

Join Bryan Sachdeva, VP of Wealth Management Solutions at NexJ Systems, as he provides an overview of the software that has been gaining critical acclaim and recognition from Gartner, Forrester, Aité, Celent, and Nucleus Research. Learn how the top wealth managers are leveraging the software to their competitive advantage to grow their business and deliver better customer outcomes. The presentation will cover:

  • The unique wealth management-specific features that make the software an industry leader in customer management
  • How the top wealth managers across the globe are deploying and leveraging the software
  • Where the industry is going and how advancements in AI, RPA, and Machine Learning are being leveraged in the software

Webinar Speaker

Bryan Sachdeva

VP of Wealth Management Solutions

Bryan Sachdeva is a leading talent in the innovation of digital business enablement for the financial services industry. Bryan leverages years of consulting experience and deep domain knowledge acquired through work with major international financial services firms including Wells Fargo Advisors, and ATB Investor Services.

His focus is on the integration of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with Business Process Management (BPM) and the firm’s back-end systems to deliver a unified front-to-back office digital landscape. He is a trusted industry thought leader with a long list of endorsements for his ability to architect digital solutions that revolutionize customer experience, front-office effectiveness, and back-office efficiency.

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