NexJ Systems is proud to work with global leaders within the financial services and insurance industries. Our solutions integrate information from multiple systems into a unified view to help firms better understand and share information about their customers to increase loyalty, drive cross-sell and improve the customer experience.


Having a product that could be integrated throughout the platform, and not just some stand-alone application that is accessed separately, was key for us.

I just wanted to tell you how much I love NexJ… NexJ has integrated 14 of our systems into a comprehensive view of the customer.

NexJ will provide the state of the art CRM solution that will provide the sales process discipline and connectivity to I&IB … aligning our business across geographies, products and customers and supporting our client-centric proposition.

We are very happy and your team has been the best vendor I have ever worked with. On top of this we have already had a successful rollout [less than 3 months]!

Select Case Studies

Helping large global wealth management firm protect the value of a merger – Following the merger of two of the largest wealth management firms in the USA, NexJ’s Integrated Desktop was chosen to play an essential role in retaining advisors, clients, and assets. NexJ rapidly integrated with their existing advisor platform, converted 12 million contacts and 100 million related interactions in the initial data load, and enabled the firm to move from an account-centric to a customer- and household-centric model for 35,000 users.

Enabling one of the world’s largest wealth managers to attract and retain top talent – A leading Canadian bank chose NexJ to deliver an Integrated Desktop for Wealth Management and Private Wealth Management to its USA and Canadian operations. In a side-by-side comparison, 88% of advisors chose NexJ over the competition noting its ease of use. With NexJ, advisor efficiency has increased by 2 hours per week, with an estimated financial benefit of $30,000 per year per advisor. NexJ deployed the production pilot in 3 months and under budget.

Facilitating collaboration across the firm for a major Australian bank – NexJ was uniquely able to help the bank deliver a single, shared view of the customer across 33 countries in Asia Pacific while respecting regional data residency. With NexJ, the bank can better understand the sales pipeline and drive cross-bank referrals across regions. In a side-by-side comparison, 199/200 of the bank’s relationship managers and bankers chose NexJ Systems over the competition.

Enabling the Capital Markets division of a global bank to influence behavior to focus on priority activities – NexJ was uniquely able to help the bank aggregate customer information across regions, product lines, and channels to deliver an Enterprise Customer View, including a global view of customers’ corporate hierarchies to better understand customer risk and profitability. NexJ provides capabilities to promote collaboration across the organization and a flow-based UI to recommend timely and relevant calls to action.

Helping a large American, mutual property/casualty insurance company deliver a consistent customer experience – NexJ’s Integrated Desktop for Insurance has centralized the carrier’s customer profile and insurance data into one solution for contact center, corporate, and agency users, and enabled the carrier to move from a policy-centric model to a customer- and household-centered model. The Integrated Desktop has improved front-line customer service levels and front office productivity.

Enabling the United Kingdom private banking division of a major global investment bank to streamline its regulatory processes – NexJ delivered an Integrated Advisor Desktop platform to standardize, automate, and optimize the firm’s KYC, AML, prospecting, client onboarding, and advisory proposal workflows. With NexJ, the firm has automated workflows featuring more than 15,000 possible questions across over 200 possible pages to demonstrate compliance with regulations across multiple systems and multiple geographies.

Helping a large global wealth management firm improve client insight and prove regulatory compliance With NexJ CDM, the firm can audit and store a complete history of interactions from its CRM system, deliver current customer interaction data to analytics solutions, and support KYC compliance by helping prove the suitability of recommendations. NexJ CDM tracks interactions for more than 6 million customers and processes more than 150,000 daily transactions in real time.