Vertical CRM: Because When Did One Size Ever Fit All?

Vertical CRM supports the customer relationship management needs of a single industry, or vertical. Its capabilities and features are targeted towards a specific set of users, job requirements, or departments within an organization.

Open Banking NexJ

Are You Ready For Open Banking? Because You Really, Really Should Be

This blog explains what Open Banking means while evaluating its implications and applications for financial services. For more information, contact NexJ Systems Inc.

Invested Users: Best Practices of Maximizing User Adoption, Part 3

Technology has the ability to make our jobs less time consuming and more efficient, and with high user adoption rates your users can be finding new ways to leverage that technology. They can come up with good questions about the system’s functionality and good ways to incorporate the capabilities of your CRM product into their daily lives or good ways to leverage the CRM product to make their jobs easier overall.


Invested Users: Best Practices of Maximizing User Adoption, Part 2

In my last blog, I discussed NexJ’s first three best practices of user adoption, and why developing, analyzing, and aligning are crucial steps in the process of engaging your users with your CRM. Today, I’d like to discuss the next three of the 9 best practices for user adoption, which are planning, partnering, and encouraging.

NexJ: Delivering Industry Leading CRM

Celent recently came out with their reports on CRM for Wealth Management in the European Market and North American Market and awarded NexJ the XCelent awards for Functionality, Service, and Client Base it was another sign that NexJ continuously pushes the envelope in the market.

Financial Services Innovation

The Great Wealth Transfer

In “The Great Wealth Transfer is Coming, Putting Advisers at Risk,” an article in Investment News, they pointed out that 66% of heirs fire their parents’ financial adviser after they receive an inheritance. Marketing Wiz’s “The State of Independent Financial Marketing” whitepaper discusses how every day, $2 billion in assets move from Baby Boomers to Generation X and Generation Y heirs. Combining these two statistics paints a concerning picture for financial advisors.

Digital Brands

Intelligent Customer Management – The Untapped Value of AI in Wealth Management.

  It’s been astonishing to see the amount of media attention around Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recent months. From the dystopia of HBO’s Westworld to the hype of Salesforce’s Einstein, we’ve been inundated with larger than life claims about AIContinue Reading


How Can Automation and Artificial Intelligence Help Scale an Advisor’s Capacity to Serve Clients?

Who doesn’t want their advisors to work faster, better, and smarter? Watch as Bryan Sachdeva, VP Financial Services at NexJ, discusses the evolution of CRM from a tool to better understand customers to an intelligent engagement product that uses automation and artificial intelligence to help advisors scale their ability to deliver proactive and personalized service to clients.

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AI, Chatbots, and Intelligent Customer Management : Video Primers

Interested in AI, Intelligent Customer Management, or Chatbots, but having a hard time unpacking what they all mean? Adam Edmonds, VP of Products at NexJ Systems, explains in these series of short videos.