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Don’t use the same CRM they use for Hospitality! Use Financial Services CRM

Like many enterprises, you are likely using CRM software from one of the big vendors who create horizontal solutions (solutions designed to meet the lowest common denominator across the largest pool of customers) to maximize their reach. These solutions require expensive customizations to meet the specific needs of your firm or your industry. Customizations are also difficult to maintain and often fail to adapt to a changing demographic.

Open Banking NexJ

Are You Ready For Open Banking? Because You Really, Really Should Be

This blog explains what Open Banking means while evaluating its implications and applications for financial services. For more information, contact NexJ Systems Inc.


Invested Users: Best Practices of Maximizing User Adoption, Part 2

In my last blog, I discussed NexJ’s first three best practices of user adoption, and why developing, analyzing, and aligning are crucial steps in the process of engaging your users with your CRM. Today, I’d like to discuss the next three of the 9 best practices for user adoption, which are planning, partnering, and encouraging.

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Invested Users: Best Practices of Maximizing User Adoption

It’s common knowledge that user adoption is necessary to the success of a change in a company’s software and key to appropriately leveraging your technology investments. Poor user adoption is one of the most common reasons software launches fail. When your users aren’t using all the features of a CRM, they’re not getting the benefits of it, and neither are your clients.

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Next Best Decision Models

Extending Next Best Action to customer service seems a natural progression, considering the service representative is already engaged with the customer, and presuming the interaction went well, means extending the dialog with an appropriate offer. But how do we extend this to optimizing interactions at the point of service dispensation?

Customer Exchange for Financial Services

Beyond Sales Force Automation

Commercial and corporate banks are looking for an integrated banker experience that uses an enterprise view of the customer to drive cross-system workflows and enable bankers to collaborate across channels, regions, and lines of business. This cannot be accomplished with simple sales force automation, but that is the typical starting point.


How Can Automation and Artificial Intelligence Help Scale an Advisor’s Capacity to Serve Clients?

Who doesn’t want their advisors to work faster, better, and smarter? Watch as Bryan Sachdeva, VP Financial Services at NexJ, discusses the evolution of CRM from a tool to better understand customers to an intelligent engagement product that uses automation and artificial intelligence to help advisors scale their ability to deliver proactive and personalized service to clients.

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AI, Chatbots, and Intelligent Customer Management : Video Primers

Interested in AI, Intelligent Customer Management, or Chatbots, but having a hard time unpacking what they all mean? Adam Edmonds, VP of Products at NexJ Systems, explains in these series of short videos.

CRM Advisor Desktop

The New Advisor Desktop: it’s not just for desktops anymore

Just as the concept of a desk has evolved over the years, so has the reality of an advisor desktop. What began as a basic database with static customer information became multiple applications on the computer, each with unique and important information. To gain a clear picture of the customer for sales and service, advisors had to toggle between multiple, fragmented applications and collate information in spreadsheets. The integrated desktop ushered in a new era of efficiency and understanding by creating a single application that presents all the data from all the sources and systems advisors use.