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Don’t use the same CRM they use for Hospitality! Use Financial Services CRM

Like many enterprises, you are likely using CRM software from one of the big vendors who create horizontal solutions (solutions designed to meet the lowest common denominator across the largest pool of customers) to maximize their reach. These solutions require expensive customizations to meet the specific needs of your firm or your industry. Customizations are also difficult to maintain and often fail to adapt to a changing demographic.

Vertical CRM: Because When Did One Size Ever Fit All?

Vertical CRM supports the customer relationship management needs of a single industry, or vertical. Its capabilities and features are targeted towards a specific set of users, job requirements, or departments within an organization.

Invested Users: Best Practices of Maximizing User Adoption, Part 3

Technology has the ability to make our jobs less time consuming and more efficient, and with high user adoption rates your users can be finding new ways to leverage that technology. They can come up with good questions about the system’s functionality and good ways to incorporate the capabilities of your CRM product into their daily lives or good ways to leverage the CRM product to make their jobs easier overall.

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Recapping CDAO: Examining the Transformation of Risk Management

Steve Boras, Chief Analytics Officer of Citizens Bank, gave a compelling presentation on transforming the risk management practice from a back-office roadblock to a front office planning instrument. Traditionally, the function of risk management was to curtail bad practice that might expose the bank. An honorable and critical function. But the implementations at many financial services institutions around the world tends to be a reactionary process that may be perceived as bureaucratic and an impediment to process execution.

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Experts in Our Field: NexJ Recognized as Leaders in Nucleus Research Value Matrix

Our hard work continues to get noticed as Nucleus Research, a global research and advisory firm, has once again recognized us as an Expert in their most recent CRM Value Matrix. Leading the way with our financial services focused relationship management software we continue to bring a unique value proposition and industry expertise to market.

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Operationalize Business Results with Semantic Modelling

The flexibility and cost effectiveness of Apache Hadoop was quickly recognized by many organizations as an effective delivery vehicle to empower business users with operational self-service query and analytic capabilities.  Many organizations established, or are presently establishing, data lakes forContinue Reading

Thoughts from Digital Integration in Wealth Management 2018

Back for it’s 2nd year, the Digital Integration in Wealth Management conference took place last week in London, UK at the Chelsea Harbour Hotel. The two-day event, put on by the folks at Arena Financial, brought together industry thought leaders in Wealth Management. Big name firms like UBS, BNP Paribas, Barclays, Deutschebank, HSBC, Santander, etc. along with independent and boutique firms were all very well represented.

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The Best CRM for Wealth Management

I admit it; though I’ve been marketing software companies for many years, when it comes to earning recognition from the industry, I still feel a great sense of achievement. So when Aite Group, a global research and advisory firm, recognized NexJ for being top in features and technology in their report Next-Era Wealth Management CRM: Technologies to Acquire and Engage, I was elated.