Industry Type: Corporate and Commercial Banking

Is Vertical CRM Right for Your Financial Service

This whitepaper examines how Vertical CRM evolved, examines the pros and potential pitfalls for financial services organizations, and makes a case for why it should be adopted. It also explores the advantages of NexJ Systems’ suite of CRM solutions.

Under Three Minutes: Vertical CRM and You.

In our latest Under Three Minutes we discuss the emerging trend of vertical specific CRM and why it’s the next step in CRM’s evolution.

Continuous Deployment: Implications and Implementation

This whitepaper examines the origins of Continuous Deployment, its importance for developers as well as businesses, its benefits, and common pitfalls. It also explores NexJ Systems’ experience with CD and our recommended best practices.

Analysing Security: Are Financial Institutions Covered?

This whitepaper examines a number of issues related to security for financial organizations, the implications of jurisdiction, potential risks related to emerging technology, and how solutions like the NexJ Systems suite of products can eliminate worries related to data integration and protection in a more holistic manner without compromising on speed and service.

The Benefits of Compliance for Financial Services

This whitepaper takes a look at how the banking industry and compliance have evolved, how regulations change on the basis of geographic boundaries, and why integrated risk and compliance management are important. It also details NexJ Systems’ recommendations based on our experience working with customers and their individual approaches to compliance.

NexJ Compliance Overview

Under these regulations, firms must gather specific information, comply with disclosure requirements, conduct activities in accordance with defined rules, and be prepared to demonstrate their compliance. Non-compliance is penalized with large fines from regulatory bodies.

Cloud Wars: Choosing what works best for your business needs

This whitepaper examines the options currently available in the cloud, from on-premise services to multi-tenancy, pure cloud and hybrid approaches, evaluates the pros and cons offered by each and includes our recommended best practices. It also explores NexJ Systems’ experience with the cloud and how its suite of products support adoption and data integration.

Open Banking: What it means and how it can work for you

This whitepaper examines how Open Banking has begun to change the way financial institutions use customer data, what the challenges to adoption are, why the potential for growth is high, and how NexJ System’s suite of products can play a significant role in terms of data integration among other areas of innovation.

Under Three Minutes with NexJ – ROI with NexJ

In our latest “Under Three Minutes” we explore the ROI that NexJ brought to a global financial firm with Matt Bogart, VP of Marketing. Is your firm ready to replace your aging Siebel system?

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