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Next Best Decision Models

Extending Next Best Action to customer service seems a natural progression, considering the service representative is already engaged with the customer, and presuming the interaction went well, means extending the dialog with an appropriate offer. But how do we extend this to optimizing interactions at the point of service dispensation?

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Riding the Wave: Enterprise Computing in 2018

Data and cloud computing with flexible storage and computing power are driving the fourth wave. NexJ’s focus on integration positions our intelligent customer management products well for this new revolution in computing, in which front-office users are guided through proven best practices to deliver intelligence at point of service.

NexJ: Delivering Industry Leading CRM

Celent recently came out with their reports on CRM for Wealth Management in the European Market and North American Market and awarded NexJ the XCelent awards for Functionality, Service, and Client Base it was another sign that NexJ continuously pushes the envelope in the market.

Improve Machine Learning Effectiveness with a Feature Catalogue

Analytics and machine learning are all about data. The quality and quantity of your data plays a critical role in determining the effectiveness of the models. But even with reams of the best data, if your process doesn’t use it properly, your results will be dubious. All stages of the process must not only use the exact same data but the same interpretation of its meaning.

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Martin Sykora on Data Management Radio-The Rise of Jupyter Notebooks!

Great discussion last Thursday, broadcast live coast-to-coast on discussing the rise of the web data science notebook Jupyter. Guests included:

• Alan Edelman, MIT
• Dr. Viral Shah, Co-Founder Julia Computing
• Paco Nathan, CEO of Julia Computing
• Yours truly, Martin Sykora, Director, Analytics & Data Sciences at NexJ Systems and Co-Chair of the Jupyter Conference

Financial Services Innovation

The Great Wealth Transfer

In “The Great Wealth Transfer is Coming, Putting Advisers at Risk,” an article in Investment News, they pointed out that 66% of heirs fire their parents’ financial adviser after they receive an inheritance. Marketing Wiz’s “The State of Independent Financial Marketing” whitepaper discusses how every day, $2 billion in assets move from Baby Boomers to Generation X and Generation Y heirs. Combining these two statistics paints a concerning picture for financial advisors.


Disruption in Motion: Chief Data & Analytics Officer Financial Conference 2018

Advances such as chatbots enable a human-like conversational experience to provide expert-level insights for your customers, bankers, and advisors. Robotic process automation increases productivity to free up your sales team to offer the personalized experience customers have come to expect.

Vertical CRM Solutions

Recapping CDAO: Examining the Transformation of Risk Management

Steve Boras, Chief Analytics Officer of Citizens Bank, gave a compelling presentation on transforming the risk management practice from a back-office roadblock to a front office planning instrument. Traditionally, the function of risk management was to curtail bad practice that might expose the bank. An honorable and critical function. But the implementations at many financial services institutions around the world tends to be a reactionary process that may be perceived as bureaucratic and an impediment to process execution.


Data Governance at CDAO Financial Services Conference Boston

This April, we were delighted to attend as well as participate in the Financial Services-focused Chief Data & Analytics Officer conference in Boston. This annual gathering brought together senior-level data practitioners in financial services to share their latest innovations, best practices, challenges and use cases.