Published | October 27, 2020

Technical Communicators at NexJ Systems Foster A Symphony of Collaboration

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Which five albums would you like to be stranded on a desert island with?

We were recently asked this question as part of our fun virtual social activities. My colleagues have awesome tastes in music, and it’s amazing how the topic brings people together, despite physical distancing.

This got me thinking about how technical communicators at NexJ are part of a virtual software development orchestra, with different teams playing their part. Our documented score at provides you with the right information when you need it. Expand your expertise by reading our documentation.

How does first chair violinist sound? By transposing the music for different instruments (organizing our information around user role), we ensure you get just the parts of the score you need.

Looking for videos and real-world examples? Check out our example arrangements… too many to Liszt here!

We foster a “symphony of collaboration” through our work with other teams to deliver accurate and complete documentation. The tools we use encourage collaboration.

When the tempo for a release changes, we respond prestissimo— faster than presto—as a flexible and agile team to synchronize our work and support other agile teams.

Trying to find the specific movement of a specific sonata and don’t want to navigate through the library of scores? Our searchable documentation, organized by release and audience, helps you get just what you’re looking for. Want to save or print something to look at later? Our documentation site,, includes self-serve PDF creation.

Think we’ve got a note or two wrong? Click the feedback icon at the bottom right corner of our documentation, and rate your experience, or send your comments to

We look forward to hearing about your experience with

Written by: Kathryn Sheridan

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