Published | June 4, 2018

Martin Sykora on Data Management Radio-The Rise of Jupyter Notebooks!

DM Radio Martin Sykora

Special Thanks to Data Management Radio!

Click above to listen to Martin Sykora, on DM Radio. Martin joins the discussion at the ten-minute mark, and for the roundtable discussion at the 49-minute mark!

Great discussion last Thursday, broadcast live coast-to-coast on discussing the rise of the web data science notebook Jupyter. Guests included:

• Alan Edelman, MIT
• Dr. Viral Shah, Co-Founder Julia Computing
• Paco Nathan, CEO of Julia Computing
• Yours truly, Martin Sykora, Director, Analytics & Data Sciences at NexJ Systems and Co-Chair of the Jupyter Conference

It was certainly an honour, and perhaps a little frightening, to be listed with the founders of Julia and some of the largest movers in the Jupyter community. Many thanks to Eric who is an experienced host, and guided the conversation gently.

I had spent my spare time this week during the evening hours getting ready to deliver a dissertation on the history and evolution of the data science notebook, with programming languages Python, R and Julia as a backdrop. We at NexJ had already invested our spare time and effort to evaluate Juptyer versus Apache Zeppelin as part of our product strategy last year as well as comparing and contrasting Tensorflow and Apache MXNet. Thankfully, this work was still fresh in my mind.

Hope you all enjoy the podcast as much as I enjoyed participating in it. Sadly, the audience will never hear the remarkable offline conversations that occur while the commercials play, when the speakers get to chat freely. I enjoyed my few minutes of celebrity status and the conversation of some truly gifted, talented and well-educated data professionals.

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Martin Sykora

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