Published | August 15, 2017

Why Banks are Using AI to Differentiate on Service

Why Banks are Using AI to Differentiate on Service

It's the age of the customer. Are you ready?

Today’s leading businesses have embraced technology to innovate and find an edge in our connected marketplace. It’s the Age of the Customer, and your customers have more options than ever before to access the financial services they need. How can banks respond to fluid market conditions, a complex regulatory environment and growing customer expectations, all while meeting growth targets and increasing share of wallet? Can we do this while improving customer loyalty at the same time?

The answers lie in your existing data assets. Customer data, locked up in multiple CRM, banking and third party systems, and augmented by social streams, provide you with the opportunity to know your customer better. The advent of Artificial Intelligence is opening new frontiers of customer insight, enabling firms to differentiate on service across digital and traditional channels. Artificial Intelligence will optimize the customer journey at the point of service, helping you grow revenue across regions and product lines.

Join me on August 15th and 16th to explore how leading firms are applying Artificial Intelligence to increase share of wallet in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace. I look forward to connecting with you!

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Darryn Noble

Author: Darryn Noble

As VP of Sales Consulting at NexJ Systems, Darryn leads a team of solution specialists to engage with prospects to define and deliver enterprise software solutions. Working with key stakeholders in leading financial services firms enables Darryn to keep a finger on the pulse of corporate and commercial banking, global markets, insurance, wealth management, and private banking.Darryn is eager to share his views and engage with readers on the key issues, trends, and solutions that are occurring in financial services industry.
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