In the complex space of global B2B financial services, like corporate / institutional banking or global capital markets, collaboration is paramount. Today’s deals are complicated, often involving multiple teams within the organization that cross functional, product, and regional divisions. They can also involve multiple external parties (e.g. syndicated deals). Of course, maintaining direct communication between the buy-side and the sell-side is also a difficult task. But firms often forget that this communication and collaboration is what makes the “delivery” part of product and service delivery so challenging. It’s also what sets the global leaders apart when it’s done well.

This is why I’m so excited to be going to the Symphony Innovate conference in New York on October 6th. It looks to be an action packed day, with a very impressive lineup of speakers and presentation topics. I’m most looking forward to hearing about “The Impact of Next-Gen Collaboration and Messaging on Financial Services”, which will be co-presented by a powerhouse lineup from the industry, including:

As a gold sponsor of the event and proud partner of Symphony, you’ll be sure to find NexJ there! For the first time ever, we’ll be premiering bi-directional integration capabilities – enabling true collaboration with context. By combining the best of both CRM and secure messaging, we think bankers are going to really see huge gains in productivity and share of wallet by being able to quickly and seamlessly initiate conversations from the NexJ CRM or lookup and store information against contact records from the Symphony Secure Messaging Platform.

For my more tech-minded followers, there’s a New World Symphony event dedicated to integration. Be sure to check out how the NexJ Enterprise Application Platform works with the Symphony Communications Platform to enable quick, flexible, and scalable enterprise integrations.

See you in New York!