This week, I head to beautiful Mont-Tremblant in Québec for the annual CGI Connections Conference. The conference, focused on CGI’s North American Wealth Management and Global Banking solutions, is always a highlight to start a busy, conference-filled fall. The conference brings together analysts, but also all of CGI’s wealth and banking customers.

This year, the focus is on digital disruption. In wealth management, we’ll be looking at the impact robo advisors have had on the industry. As we move into what analysts are calling Robo 3.0 and beyond, we’ll discuss how all tiers of firms are looking to integrate and leverage automated advice as part of a more complete wealth offering.

I’m particularly looking forward to insights from Peter Delano of CEB, and the folks at Patpatia. The question I’m most interested in answering is: what are the features of a robo-assisted automated advice platform for HNW advisors? How does an advisor leverage a robo in order to augment their own value proposition and not dilute it?

For any of my followers attending – you’ll hear from me too! I’ll be speaking on the topic of digital transformation in wealth management. As I see it, changes in the financial services market and customer expectations have precipitated a fundamental change to how firms approach wealth management. I’ll review the drivers for that change, what digital transformation means, and what leading firms have been doing to adapt and meet these new demands. It all starts with enabling digital, omni-channel service that shifts the focus away from transactional service to becoming a trusted advisor to your clients. At the heart of it all is enterprise customer management. We will go beyond the buzz to look at key strategies successful firms are using to become leaders in digital transformation for wealth management.

The conference will also be a great way to see and learn more about CGI’s Wealth360 platform and upcoming updates. Wealth360 is a fully-featured portfolio and order management system – that is purpose-built for industry leading practices; including UMH, UMA, and Goals-Based financial advice. It’s easily the most robust and flexible platform I’ve seen, and its client track record for production success is a testament to that.

Stay tuned for an update later in the week or follow me on twitter (@sliceofbry) for the play-by-play.