In my last blog, we talked about the importance of choosing the right CRM solution to maximize user adoption. We discussed the importance of integrating back office information and common functionality into a single, integrated solution to make users more productive, profitable, and satisfied. Now that you’ve got some considerations for the CRM solution, let’s examine how the right implementation process can drive user adoption.

Part 2: Optimizing implementation to engage users

For more than 25 years, our team has been implementing CRM solutions with great success to leading global financial services firms – first at Janna Systems and now with NexJ Systems. Along the way, we’ve established the following three best practices that help maximize user adoption:

  • Involve the user community early in the process – Early user involvement ensures the right choices are being made regarding the functionality included in the integrated desktop. Users must see value in the solution’s workflows and capabilities. If they don’t see a personal payback for the time they will invest in learning and putting data into CRM systems, they will find other ways to do their jobs.
  • Train well upfront and as often as needed – A second factor that tends to be missing from projects with low adoption rates is adequate training on how to incorporate these applications into a user’s daily workflow. When you implement CRM, you are asking users to change how they do their jobs. Initial training is critical but best practices require that you deliver ongoing training in a variety of mediums that are easily available to users. And don’t forget refresher training when new features or new systems are integrated into the solution.
  • Ensure adequate support – Post-deployment support is critical in ensuring adoption. It may be tempting to skimp on this step due to budget and time pressures but resist the urge. If users are going to feel confident with their CRM system at all times, they need the right level of hotline support – and that can mean providing 24/7 technical support in some cases.

Questions? Thoughts? I’d love to hear your views on user adoption. Please feel free to comment of message me when your insights.