Welcome to the last blog in our four-part series on cross-selling in corporate banking. This week I’m focusing on the role of integrated CRM in identifying opportunities for more business.

More often than not, referral opportunities arise out of company events like an acquisition, spin-off, or IPO. It makes sense, then, that the better you understand your customers, including their relationships with parent/ child/sister companies, the more nimbly you can identify and act on these opportunities.

There are lots of ways to discover and share information about customer events of interest. For example:

  • During a route check-in call, a customer might mention the opening of an office in another country. The relationship manager would record this information in her call report and attach it to the customer file.
  • A change in a research subscription in one line of business might suggest an upcoming opportunity for another.
  • A post on social media or news sources could announce the award of a new contract. Integrated feeds could push timely company announcements such as these to the comprehensive customer view.

On top of all this, prescriptive and predictive analytics can play a strong role in matching behaviours with opportunities to drive proactive touches.

Centrally tracking and sharing this information in a comprehensive customer view empowers regions and product lines to act on quickly opportunities that might otherwise pass right on by. It’s even more powerful when the CRM solution can alert the appropriate people and prompt for action.

I hope you’ve found this blog series useful. For more information about how your corporate bank can drive cross-sales, be sure to listen to the replay of our webinar, Top 5 Strategies Banks are using to Increase Collaboration.